The Book Project, Book 2

I don’t know where this workbook came from. And while authentic anything appeals to me, a quick flip through the pages of Authentic Marriages Workbook: How to connect with other couples through a marriage accountability group by Jeff & Lora Helton confirms that this one can go in the donate pile.

Discovering this on my shelf revealed something to me about our marriage, though. I realize that somewhere along the way, we’ve grown into an authentic marriage. That on any given day, if asked how my marriage is doing, I’m apt to give an honest answer.

Looking back, there was a time when I would have tried to “justify” our marriage. Meaning, I used to point out all the great aspects of our marriage to try to show others — and myself — that the little disappointments weren’t all that important. But now I see that over time, those have potential of stacking up until they look an awful lot like resentment. It’s far better to lay it bare on the table… before God… myself… and, in the right context of loving friendships who honor the marriage covenant, with others. I’m okay with the messiness of marriage these days because I’m learning that God’s Grace is beautiful in the messy.

Still, I won’t rate this one because I never read it or went through it and I don’t plan to. 😉


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