The Book Project, Book 3

3. Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage by Mark Gungor

2 Stars

We went through this small group study with… yes, a small group. In fact, if you want to go deep in relationships fairly quickly, move overseas, arrive on Monday, say yes to the gal you meet through a mutual connection on FB who sends you a private message offering to take you to coffee the next day, ask her if she attends church anywhere and tell her your family will join them on Sunday, and then ask if she’s part of a small group, requesting details on when and where and “you don’t mind if we join your group, do you?” [How To Connect With People Quickly, 101. Complimentary course.] One caveat: you have to be authentic and willing to share. Nothing to fear — we’ve encountered the most amazingly gracious people along the way! 🙂

There were a few sessions that lacked depth in my opinion. The best sessions were the ones on purity, especially the one titled “The #1 Key to Incredible Sex.” Also, I deeply appreciated the last session in which Gungor talks about Starting Over… Again and hitting the reset button. Practical advice that sometimes needs to be implemented several times in one day. Ah! The treasure of forgiveness!

I showed the video clip on the difference between men’s brains and women’s brains to my children and it was a lighthearted way to enlighten them… and help them be more gracious and understanding with one another. In fact, just today, my daughter mentioned the “nothing box” as I lamented that I needed some white space. Of course, I have a way of filling all my nothing boxes with something. I would definitely promote this series to teens and college-aged folks! LeRoy and I talked about going through it with the young adults living in our home. Maybe in the next couple of months.



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