Book Project, #16, Defending Traditional Marriage

Here we are. Sit with me? Ugh. Can I tell you, I don’t like talking politics or religion? I really don’t. It’s because I love you and I care deeply for you and I’d like to keep the majors in the majors and the minors in the minors. And loving you? Well, that’s major for me.

But remember when I promised back on Day 1 of this project that I wouldn’t skip over any books on my shelf, that I’d touch every single one and “give an account”… no matter how much it scares me?

So, I’ll be honest, the topic of same-sex attraction scares me. I apologize on behalf of anyone who has ever used “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Because it’s not only ridiculous rhetoric but it’s hurtful. And the plethora of layers to this whole topic of who we love and who we’re attracted to…

And who am I to judge another? And I look at my habits of gluttony and slothfulness and disbelief, and I’m daily grateful beyond belief that I don’t have a monitor on my forehead that reveals my thoughts. Because sometimes my thoughts are lustful or full of worst case scenarios or insincerity. Sometimes my motives are all wrong and at times I plummet into self-pity.

This natural bent we have toward chasing after our own comforts and pleasures… And, God knows, we’re determined to figure it all out on our own and defend our list of rights. And all these longings and disappointments and the constant digging of our own cisterns… we weren’t made for this.

And it really undoes me when I read that we’re made for paradise and perfection and an all-satisfying relationship with Jesus. And this is where we step into the tension because we’re living between heaven and this temporary sphere that wears us down, pulls incessantly at us, telling us that we’re not enough. We’re not enough. So we take all our preferences and self-protective tendencies and we gravitate toward that which satisfies temporarily in lieu of seeking Living Water.

I haven’t read Defending Traditional Marriage: It Starts with You by Willard F. Harley, Jr., although I will. I want to be able to love deeply on both sides. To listen.

Listen. And love.



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