The Book Project, #12, Communication, Key to Your Marriage

Well, this is fun. This is the second book in a row that I’ve cracked open only to find the pages filled with underlining, notes in the margins, and our personal answers written to deep questions. It’s almost like opening a journal in which we recorded our struggles, victories, conflicts and blessings in regards to our marriage. We should have wrote the dates as we went along, but I figured out we read this one in 2009 because one of the questions I answered with, “…and we’re still going strong six years into this marriage.”

The 12th book in this project is Communication, Key to Your Marriage: Simple, Daily Guidelines to Help Couples Reduce Conflict, Manage Emotions & Avoid Anxiety by H. Norman Wright.

2 stars.

I can see it created some great connection when we read it so long ago. And perhaps it would be helpful to revisit some of the guidelines… but the most interesting parts in this particular copy are the notes we wrote. I’m glad Wright wrote this in the style he did, with lots of questions to provoke dialogue. But do you notice the big idea here?

You and your spouse are writing your own story. That’s something to pay attention to, think about, dream about, and live out! Your marriage story is completely unique to the two of you!



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