Etiquette To Please Him, TBP #24

Humor me? I found Etiquette To Please Him: How to Be The Perfect Wife on my grandmother’s bookshelves.

The book was written by Barbara Taylor Bradford and published in 1969. I haven’t read the book. I’m fairly certain I took the book home with me because the title captured my intrigue. Whatever I thought then, I now think, mercy!

So I looked up Barbara Taylor Bradford and found that this 82-year old woman is a renowned author of the best-selling fiction work, A Woman of Substance. On the site, it says, “She lives in New York City with her husband, television producer Robert Bradford, to whom all her novels are dedicated.” They’ve been married for 52 years. And all her novels are dedicated to him. (Her 30th novel releases in 2016.)

I have to say, I’m impressed by the woman I found on Bradford’s website. She comes across as classy, elegant, confident, strong. But what on earth? A series on how to be the perfect wife?! goodheavens! Then again, married for 52 years definitely lends credibility. All right, I’m still intrigued, I guess. When I get to New York City, I’m looking her up. To take her to lunch.

Anyway, here’s something interesting: apparently Bradford wrote this book before she became famous. When A Woman of Substance took the world by storm in 1979, it propelled Bradford to literature fame. Like owning one of those baseball cards in mint condition of a rookie who goes on to become famous, that’s the case with this book. I could only locate one copy of this book on Amazon and it’s a used copy going for $90.

No rating, as I haven’t read it.

I’m leaving it on my bookshelf. Bradford — the woman herself — has sparked my imagination.





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