Weekend to Remember, TBP #39

Ah! Our conference manuals from Family Life’s Weekend to Remember!

These aren’t really books, per se. They’re the manuals we received when we attended Family Life’s “A Weekend to Remember” Marriage Conference. So they’re full of anecdotes and stories and articles interspersed with our notes from the sessions we attended.

The sweetest part of the weekend was being away together along with getting to hear challenging and encouraging speakers on the topic of marriage. Of course, right? But the other sweet part of the weekend was that session in which we had like an hour and a half or something to write a love letter to our spouse. These pages are the best parts — the pages that mean the most. Pages 64 and 65, The Love Letter written by me to LeRoy in his manual and him to me in mine. Dated October 29, 2005, they reflect a season in which we were still healing from some difficult years. They’re full of words synonymous with commitment. I love that.

I’m not super emotional. But that.

To attend a Family Life Marriage Conference, go to FamilyLife.com. They also have the content from a full weekend condensed into a mini-conference called The Art of Marriage Conference. Having attended both of these conferences once, I do recommend either one, (or both, if you have an opportunity!), at least once.



No rating… after all, they’re notebooks. 😉

And of course we’ll keep them. …And it may be time to review…


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